Amber Moon

Amber Moon
Before Jess Roden went solo, he had this lovely countryrock band called Bronco.

Actually, it was kind of an eclectic band because they were also into folk, soul, psychedelia and straight rock’n’roll.

But it qas Roden’s passionate singing together with some really fine self penned songs which took their sound to a higher level.

The band never rose to fame though. Jess left after 2 albums, the others made an even more obscure 3rd LP before disbanding.

‘Amber Moon’ is the opening track on Bronco’s second album called ‘Ace of Sunlight’. This LP was out on Island Records, and it has become extremely rare now. There has been a cd reissue and even that one is becoming difficult to trace. These albums are not on Spotify or Apple Music, but you will find several tracks scattered on You Tube.


Is this where you live? #28

Is this where you live #28
It is not where you live. I don’t live there either.

I might think it took almost a lifetime to collect all the stuff.

There is more, but I thought it inadvisable to trespass…

Will they be able to get rid of all this before facing their darkest hour?
Photo: yesterday, neighbourhood.


Apples & Oranges

Apples & Oranges
Photo: today, in a neighboring village. Apples, frozen and crumbling, orange peel thrown aside, also various unidentified non flying objects, and a lot of fresh grass or grass whitering away.

The Pink Floyd song is quite different. It is one of of their handful of ‘singles’ before they stopped releasing 45rpm’s. I do like like the early Floyd sound, up until Atom Heart Mother.




a new life…
was what I had in mind on this day, the day of candlemas,

a new life: trees recede as if they were strange to the forest,
all day long you waited until just one leaf unfolded, at last,

right out of its veins: saintlike resembling the one and the only.
I could refer to the bible, not fading away, for now, in my hands.

but it would tell you about a thousand virgin mary’s(*), all alike.
so let us stay together now, in ancient nature, under cloudy skies,

hurrying towards sundown(**) looking like this was ages ago.
I made an appointment with the Other One. he said: after all these years,

celebrate easter vigil, whit sunday, even our-lady ascension, really soon.
Godenkind, 02-02-2017

Dutch version:
een nieuw leven…
was wat mij voor ogen stond vandaag, dag van maria-lichtmis,

een nieuw leven: bomen wijken uit het woud als was het hen vreemd,
dagen lang heb je gewacht tot één blad zich ontvouwde

recht vanuit de nervatuur: volmaakt als het ware en het enige.
ik kan verwijzen naar de bijbel die niet verbleekt in mijn handen.

maar hij zou spreken van duizend maagd maria’s(*), allen dezelfde.
laten we dus samenblijven, in oude natuur, een bewolkte hemel,

die haastig wegdrijft naar einders(**) van wel eeuwen geleden.
ik heb een afspraak met De Andere. hij zei: na al deze jaren,

vier de paaswake, pinksteren, zelfs maria hemelvaart, heel binnenkort.
Godenkind 02-02-2017

A Candlemas poem which I finished today after a difficult start with only one 1 line 2 days ago. But then I learned about how trump makes things happen right away and… all’s well that ends well 🙈.

It is a mixed bag, because I was switching between Dutch/English all the time, Dutch being my native language.

(*)Actually, I’m not sure about the ‘virgin mary’ plural. (could be ‘virgins mary’), not even in Dutch (could be ‘maagden maria’). I assume there is only one Virgin Mary, but this is a grammatical issue, is it not?

(**)The Dutch version is different where I use the word “einders” which means “horizons” instead of the rather clumsy “zonsondergangen” which means “sundowns”.
Anyway, what about some more pancakes now?
PS Poem only suitable for underaged Christian citizens.🙈
Photos: today at noon, a few blocks away from my house; one made through sunglasses.


is this where you live ?

Is this where you live? #27
It is not where you live and it is not where I live. But wait, this site is in my village. Village scenery. I’m relieved I’m not the one who is going to sort out this stuff. But wait again, this could be worth half a million $$…after all…the construction crane, did you spot it?

Photo: today, in my hometown.


A poem in January

A poem in January

(English version: scroll down)

over brood
brood is gebroken in de bijbel.

wanneer ik brood uit de bijbel neem

dan zie ik de metgezel

op schaduwrijke wegen,
langs de waterkant.

we schenken water en wijn langs de waterkant.

het gebeurt in gemeenschap.

dit gebeurde enkel in de gemeenschap.
goden droegen er ongewone namen.

we waren het niet gewend: lover van zilver & goud,

verloren lauwerkransen, verspreiding van sneeuw,

als ging het om de oude tradities.
Godenkind 24-01-2017

about bread
bread is broken in the bible.

taking bread from the bible

I see the companion

on shady roads,
along the waterfront.

we pour water and wine along the waterfront.

it happens in community.

this only happened in the community.
gods wore unfamiliar names there.

we were not used to it: foliage made of gold & silver,

lost laurels, snow that was spread out,

as if all this was about the old traditions.
Godenkind, 24-01-2017

I wrote a little poem this morning. Snow is falling, sparingly. I have to pay my dues to the month of January.

I confess & I admit that I don’t have the faintest clue what it is about. Bit troubling. I hope you like it anyway. 

Dutch came first, then I dropped the unfinished words in Google Translate just to have a ‘basic structure’ in Shakespeare’s tongue. Then I tried to remove the usual mistakes GT makes…

BTW, I can’t add a photo of my own, because I can’t find my bible 😲. 


Caravaggio in Brussels

Caravaggio in Brussels
Caravaggio’s painting “The beheading of Isaac” was duplicated on a house wall in Brussels a few days ago. The painter’s identity has not been disclosed. 

Many people want the painting to be removed as soon as possible (because of the IS connotation), others want it to be preserved just for art’s sake.