ajournalofuneventfuldays on hold

ajournalofuneventfuldays on hold
Hey dear readers,

I will be away for awhile in the Spring season due to work overload in my nursery plus lots of landscaping & garden maintenance. 

Photo: old watermill close to Gramat in the Lot region in France. The year is 2016.




samen (English: see below)
we zijn onfeilbaar, onafscheidelijk onder blauwe hemels van somalië.

afgedaald van steile weiden, kijkend naar het dorp in de vallei, dorp

dat geen naam heeft. dorp vol mensen, als op zomerse stranden.

gouden stranden vol met mensen, maar niemand zoals jij.

een nieuwe 20ste eeuw begon daar toen, in de andere kamer.

we kwamen er ook, verschijnen in foto’s, niemand had ze gemaakt.

er stond een boom, de enige boom. takken

en twijgen -je ging zitten mocht zich blad ontvouwen- maar

wat je ook deed, het was verlies en voordeel, samen al die tijd.

Godenkind, 20-02-2017


we are infallible, inseperable under blue skies of somalia.

thriving on steep valley meadows, overlooking the village, a village

with no name. village full of people, like on sunny beaches.

golden beaches full of people, but nobody looks like you.

another 20th century just got started in the next room or so.

we went there too, emerging in photos, never made by nobody whatsoever.

there was a tree too, the one and only tree, branches firm

and twigs -you sat down waiting for leaves unfolding- but

whatever happened, it was your loss and benefit, all at the same time.

Godenkind, 20-02-2017

I wrote this slightly incoherent poem while reading an article about Somalia, and listening to “Winterreise” composed by Schubert, and -thirdly- vaguely remembering “Tahitian Melody” by obscure sixties band The Savage Ressurrection. I pinched one line from the lyrics, sorry guys, if you’re still out there, I owe it to you and I’ll pay you in due time 😔. The song is on spotify and youtube, by the way.

I was switching between Dutch/English all the time, Dutch being my native language.

Photos: 7 years ago, 7 months ago.
PS WordPress has messed up the verses. I can’t get it right now.


Abbey of Marche-les-Dames Pt.3

Abbaye de Marche-les-Dames Pt.3
Artefacts in the forest (le “Fôret Domaniale”) close to the abbey of Marche-les-Dames, in the Walloon region of Belgium. Adding the graveyard and the pond of the abbey.

In this forest King Albert I. of Belgium died, when he fell off a cliff (or was pushed down?😧) in 1934.

The truth is out there…

Photos: yesterday.


De Doode Beemde

De Doode Beemde
‘De Doode Beemde’ is a natural reserve close to Leuven (Belgium).
’Beemd’ means meadow or mead. ‘Doode’ is ‘dead’.
The terrain is extremely swampy in wintertime. It attracks lots of rare birds.

Photos: a few days ago.