Amber Moon

Amber Moon
Before Jess Roden went solo, he had this lovely countryrock band called Bronco.

Actually, it was kind of an eclectic band because they were also into folk, soul, psychedelia and straight rock’n’roll.

But it qas Roden’s passionate singing together with some really fine self penned songs which took their sound to a higher level.

The band never rose to fame though. Jess left after 2 albums, the others made an even more obscure 3rd LP before disbanding.

‘Amber Moon’ is the opening track on Bronco’s second album called ‘Ace of Sunlight’. This LP was out on Island Records, and it has become extremely rare now. There has been a cd reissue and even that one is becoming difficult to trace. These albums are not on Spotify or Apple Music, but you will find several tracks scattered on You Tube.