A poem in January

A poem in January

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over brood
brood is gebroken in de bijbel.

wanneer ik brood uit de bijbel neem

dan zie ik de metgezel

op schaduwrijke wegen,
langs de waterkant.

we schenken water en wijn langs de waterkant.

het gebeurt in gemeenschap.

dit gebeurde enkel in de gemeenschap.
goden droegen er ongewone namen.

we waren het niet gewend: lover van zilver & goud,

verloren lauwerkransen, verspreiding van sneeuw,

als ging het om de oude tradities.
Godenkind 24-01-2017

about bread
bread is broken in the bible.

taking bread from the bible

I see the companion

on shady roads,
along the waterfront.

we pour water and wine along the waterfront.

it happens in community.

this only happened in the community.
gods wore unfamiliar names there.

we were not used to it: foliage made of gold & silver,

lost laurels, snow that was spread out,

as if all this was about the old traditions.
Godenkind, 24-01-2017

I wrote a little poem this morning. Snow is falling, sparingly. I have to pay my dues to the month of January.

I confess & I admit that I don’t have the faintest clue what it is about. Bit troubling. I hope you like it anyway. 

Dutch came first, then I dropped the unfinished words in Google Translate just to have a ‘basic structure’ in Shakespeare’s tongue. Then I tried to remove the usual mistakes GT makes…

BTW, I can’t add a photo of my own, because I can’t find my bible 😲.