is this where you live ?

Is this where you live? #27
It is not where you live and it is not where I live. But wait, this site is in my village. Village scenery. I’m relieved I’m not the one who is going to sort out this stuff. But wait again, this could be worth half a million $$…after all…the construction crane, did you spot it?

Photo: today, in my hometown.


A poem in January

A poem in January

(English version: scroll down)

over brood
brood is gebroken in de bijbel.

wanneer ik brood uit de bijbel neem

dan zie ik de metgezel

op schaduwrijke wegen,
langs de waterkant.

we schenken water en wijn langs de waterkant.

het gebeurt in gemeenschap.

dit gebeurde enkel in de gemeenschap.
goden droegen er ongewone namen.

we waren het niet gewend: lover van zilver & goud,

verloren lauwerkransen, verspreiding van sneeuw,

als ging het om de oude tradities.
Godenkind 24-01-2017

about bread
bread is broken in the bible.

taking bread from the bible

I see the companion

on shady roads,
along the waterfront.

we pour water and wine along the waterfront.

it happens in community.

this only happened in the community.
gods wore unfamiliar names there.

we were not used to it: foliage made of gold & silver,

lost laurels, snow that was spread out,

as if all this was about the old traditions.
Godenkind, 24-01-2017

I wrote a little poem this morning. Snow is falling, sparingly. I have to pay my dues to the month of January.

I confess & I admit that I don’t have the faintest clue what it is about. Bit troubling. I hope you like it anyway. 

Dutch came first, then I dropped the unfinished words in Google Translate just to have a ‘basic structure’ in Shakespeare’s tongue. Then I tried to remove the usual mistakes GT makes…

BTW, I can’t add a photo of my own, because I can’t find my bible 😲. 


Caravaggio in Brussels

Caravaggio in Brussels
Caravaggio’s painting “The beheading of Isaac” was duplicated on a house wall in Brussels a few days ago. The painter’s identity has not been disclosed. 

Many people want the painting to be removed as soon as possible (because of the IS connotation), others want it to be preserved just for art’s sake.


begint een dag/ een dag is voorbij

begint een dag/ een dag is voorbij (English version: scroll down)
is this the new day or sundown behind stained glass windows?(*)

droefheid wordt wezenlijk anders, en schikt zich naar het getij.

opeens neemt melancholie zijn nieuwe gedaante aan.
alsof bladeren in de lente zouden vallen,

gelatenheid zonder oorsprong of bestemming. gaandeweg,

als bij wet, is blauw delftsblauw of diep grasgroen in de valleien.
de dag nadert waarop jij heel veel lief zal hebben. je vinger

vindt kalenderblaadjes die voor het oog niet zichtbaar zijn.

die niet zijn ingevuld, in deze tijdrekening, nu niet, morgen niet.
Godenkind, 09-01-2017
(*) Dutch version for this line still missing

new day dawning/ day’s ending
is this the new day or sundown behind stained glass windows?

sadness moves to a different level, and conforms to the tide.

all at once, melancholy takes on its new guise.
like leaves that would fall in springtime,

resignation without origin or destination. gradually,

and by default, blue is Delfts blue or green like the grass in the valleys.
here comes the day when you will offer lots of love. your finger

finds calendar sheets that are not visible to the eye.

which have not been updated, in this era, not now, not tomorrow.
Godenkind, 09-01-2017

I wrote this poem on an early morning, in January, it was the 9th of January, actually, when life did tend to be going nowhere. 

The original version was mixed Dutch/English (can you believe it, who does does such a thing?), but I added a genuine English version, for what it’s worth. My native language is Dutch.

Odd as it may seem, I still haven’t found a good Dutch opening line for the poem. I started out in English but switched to Dutch after the first line and then translated the entire poem. The thing is, Dutch for “stained windows” reads like ” gebrandschilderde ramen”, which sounds very awkward. I need a workaround here. Actually, in some ways, Dutch is a challenging language ☺.

BTW, how strange is it that old form factors like f.i. poetry still live on in quiet corners of cyberspace…


Living backwards

Living backwards
April last year and “Images of April”, a great song by Tom Rapp and Pearls Before Swine. It is from their second album called “Balaklava”.

In January, ‘cold climate people’ tend to long for the spring and summer seasons.

But they shouldn’t, because you might put one foot in the grave, sooner than you would like.

I try to live now, or I live in the past, if now is not available.