Camurac revisited

camurac revisited

now there’s a dog that barks at the freezing cold.

the air is filled with one word

which blares to country folk,

wide borne by the mists, would that be radio signals

from distant lovers? soon the earth

sinks in its other darkness, as pure as

good, clear water: you found it in sources

like gold, only in spring, or in fountains, from the mountains

descended, I had no other explanation.

Godenkind, on December the 4th, 2016

Dutch version:

terug naar camurac 

nu verschijnt een hond die op de vrieskou blaft.

de lucht staat bol van één woord

dat schalt voor buitenlui,

wijds gedragen door de nevels, radiosignalen

van verre beminden? straks daalt

de aarde in andere duisternis, zo zuiver als

goed, helder water: je vond het, na de regen, 

als goud, alleen in de lente, of in fonteinen, uit de bergen

neergedaald, ik had geen andere verklaring.

Godenkind 04-12-2016

I wrote this poem today. It is about winter being suddenly here and also about looking back to some good moments in the French Pyrenees, last summer.

I wrote it in Dutch, but I added an English version almost instantly. The two versions got intertwined because I found myself making changes in English, which was weird, being a native Dutch speaker.

Photo: 3 month ago, in the village of Camurac, high on the Plateau de Sault, French Pyrenees.