Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett
I always liked and still like Syd Barrett’s music. I’m very fond of the early Floyd singles and the 1st Floyd album, which definitely is the ultimate Syd Barrett album, even more than his solo albums IMHO. 

Early Floyd and many other British late sixties bands almost ‘out-psychedelic-ed’ westcoast bands like the Dead and the Airplane.

I’m still a fan too of the subsequent ‘legacy’ albums like ‘Saucerful of Secrets’, ‘More’, ‘Ummagumma’, ‘Obscured by Clouds’, even ‘Atom Heart Mother’.

When the Floyd became a stadium rock band, I lost interest all together.

This youtube track ‘Jugband Blues’ is the closing song on ‘Saucerful’ and the interview with producer Norman Smith and Peter Banks sheds some light on how it was created.

Photo: yesterday.