Cows and donkeys are all lined up for better times to come.

Did you know cows have this bias towards evergreen pastures?

Don’t ask why but be there when the sun shines intermittently.

And just to remind you: we are 3 of 4 feet from home, alive on longer days.
Consider days that grow longer, any day any size you like.

Days all lined up for better times to come & the future as such.

I can only speak out for myself now but hear, hear!

There’s a plane in some distant summer sky, that you just painted.
Donkeys (or cows) have no particular liking for summer days.

For all we know; still, our knowledge makes considerable progress.

We almost know you and you might be real close to knowing us.

In those days, even planes were lined up for better things to come.
Godenkind 23-11-2017
I wrote this poem (sounds more like thinking out loud) a few days ago. I hope you like it. I wrote the first line in English, it just came naturally to me while I was walking through fields nearby. And I found myself continuing in English for no particular reason. But now I have to translate it into Dutch, because that is my native language.
Photos: yesterday, close to home.