Kurt Vonnegut/ God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

Kurt Vonnegut Jr./ God Bless You, Mr.Rosewater
A sum of money is a leading character in this tale about people, just as a sum of honey might properly be a leading character in a tale about bees.

The sum was $87,472,033.61 on June 1, 1964, to pick a day. That was the day it caught the soft eyes of a boy shyster named Norman Mushari. The income the interesting sym produced was $3,500,000 a year, nearly $10,000 a day – Sundays too.

Kurt Vonnegut is the author of a.o. ‘Cat’s Cradle’, ‘Player Piano’ and of course ‘Slaughterhouse 5’.
Vonnegut’s subtitle “Pearls Before Swine” (see photo) is also the name of a sixties eastcoast acidfolk band, led by the great Tom Rapp. They recorded some magnificent albums in the late sixties/early seventies. You will find “Suzanne” (L.Cohen) from Balaklava (2nd album) in the youtube link. Enjoy!
(Panther Books 1972)