Märklin memories

Märklin memories
When I go to work, to one of my garden maintenance sites and I make a small detour, I drive past this otherworldly shop of model railway toys. The shop is located on the outskirts of Leuven (Belgium), in an almost rural environment. 

It is focused on “Märklin”, a German company which produced these toys as early as 1859. 

And then there was this small shop in a sunny backstreet, in my hometown, in the mid Sixties, selling Märklin trains. Exclusive seller of Märklin stuff! Fatal attraction.

We were utterly spoiled children, that is, boys a lot more than girls. So we managed to make our parents buy this Märklin stuff, even if they could not really afford it.

Those were the days…
Photos: yesterday

( Blurred photos due to window reflection in broad daylight)