Return to the abandoned mill close to Gramat (Moulin de Saut)

In August I went back to the abandoned mill close to Gramat, in the Lot region, in France. I was there 2 years ago and at that time I was not aware of the spiritual value of this place.
But I am now.
The site has this quality of literally existing in a parallel world, sort of a timewarp.
You are there, hiking in the 21th century, you sit, motionless, at the end of the 19th century, and you are asleep there in, say the 12th century.
You go there, and the next moment you are fully absorbed by a microcosm that existed 100 years ago. And, in a strange way, it definitely points to the future.
You can come really close to the mill by car if you want to (500m.), although you will have to hike some 10km. if you want to discover other mills in the canyon.
But it would make no difference.
Suddenly, after descending in the narrow valley, it grabs you and you imagine the old miller, carrying a heavy load, a sack of buckweat…and another one…and another one.
And then it gets kind of mystic: the battered stone walls, ferns, gold and green in shady corners, ace of sunlight through the trees, drops of water, so clear, trickling, slowly trickling deep down there…into the pool, that exists in another time, another place.