Beating the thrift store

I found this pile of vinyl in a box in the garage of one of my garden maintenance customers. This bunch of goodies would have landed in a thrift store soon after, but I suggested I might kindly impersonate a thrift store and…that was that.
The Sgt.Pepper copy , by the way, is an original 1967 UK Parlophone release. The cardboard cutout sheet is still there. The dog whistle at the end of side two is not there, so it’s an early pressing but not the first release. But still, there you have the infinite babble sound! Great! Make your bid!
Actually, I bought this LP back in ’67 but I was not wholly convinced. I honestly thought this was a step back from Revolver. Anyway, I needed money and I sold it.
Looks like I came back to the world in time 😚.