J.G.Ballard/The Crystal World

J.G.Ballard/ The Crystal World
Part Two: The Illuminated Man

14.The Prismatic Sun
Half an hour later, as they moved off up-river, Sanders leaned back in his seat when they passed the central wharves. In the choppy water the spray broke unevenly, the fallen rainbows carried away in the dark wake behind them. In the street between the arcades an old Negro was standing in the dust with a white shield in his hand, waiting for the boat to go past. On the police jetty Louise Peret stood next to Max Clair. Her eyes hidden by the sun-glasses, she watched Sanders without waving as the boat sped on up the deserted river.
(Panther Books,1978; first published 1966)
Final paragraph in “The Crystal World”.
The West African jungle starts to crystallize. Trees are metamorphosed into enormous jewels. Crocodiles encased in second glittering skins lurch down the river. Pythons with huge blind gemstone eyes rear in heraldic poses. Most men flee the area in terror, But some, dazzled and strangely entranced remain to drift through this dream-world forest.
J.G.Ballard is one of the few writers in the SF genre whose work can be appreciated by a much wider audience as literature of the highest standard.