Appaloosa/ “Appaloosa”

Appaloosa/ “Appaloosa”
Appaloosa – a sixties folkrock band- is kind of a best kept secret. Actually, Appaloosa was John Parker Compton plus (great) musicians. At times, they sounded not unlike a classical string quartet-with-vocals added, or a merger between British folk and American country. But they were so unique! They made one magnificent album, which has been much sought after, being out of print for a long time. When the cd version came out, it too sold out in a minute. You will find some used copies left on Amazon, $45 used! (I should not tell you this, because It’s on my wants list…)

Actually, back then in 1969 I bought a vinyl copy ( on the CBS label) but I sold it to my nephew some years later, probably because I wanted cash to buy some worthless ’76 punk records. đŸ˜«
Enjoy the full, rewarding version of “Appaloosa”.


John Compton interview by Nick Warburton