Return to the abandoned Stella Artois site

Return to the abandoned Stella Artois site
I was in Leuven, Belgium today and made these photos of the abandoned Stella Artois brewery buildings close to the Vaart canal. They will be destroyed soon to make room for commercial and residential units.

AB Inbev was the new name for the historic Stella Artois beer breweries, after it first changed its name to Interbrew, following a merger with the Bazilian Ambev breweries.

In 2008 it transformed into Inbev-Anheuser-Busch, after acquiring the American rival. The Mexican Grupo Modelo was their next acquisition and in 2015 they merged with SabMiller, which resulted in a 30% global market share.

The buildings in the photos date back to the early stages of 20th century.

The new location of the Belgian headquarters is about a mile away from this site.

Things come and things go.