Common foxglove

Common foxglove
This white foxglove, Digitalis purpurea, popped up in my garden about 9 months ago and it came into bloom just recently. In its first year it only produces big basal leaves. The flower stem rises in the second year and the plant dies after thousands of seeds.It is biennal, but some varieties in the genus are real perennial plants.  

As the Latin name suggests, the flower color should be puple, or shades of purple. The white variety is rare in the wild, but many white cultivars do exist. I suppose this one settled down in my garden because I planted a white seedling many years ago, and its seeds might have spread. Digitalis is omnipresent in woody, mountainous regions in Europe, f.i. the Pyrenees, the Vosges or the Alps. I’m not sure about other continents.

The plant is extremely poisonous, which makes it an unwanted item for many people., especially when there are children involved. 👻💤💀

Digitalis is still used for drug preparations that contain cardiac glycosides, particularly one called digoxin, extracted from various plants of this genus.