Is this where you live? #14

Is this where you live #14
A remarkable setup in front of a house in the village Stave, in the Walloon region, in the heart of Belgium. A mind bending view of the backyard is all we could wish for at day’s end. Ir was a lovely day. 

Meanwhile (that’s the way it goes) we started listening to Amon Düül’s ‘Paradieswärts Düül’ album (1970) one more time. German psychedelic rock band Amon Düül split up in the late sixties. Amon Düül II made it big and quite rightly so: their homemade mix of psychedelia on 3-4 early albums has not been matched up to this day. But this particular LP was issued by Amon Düül I, the original “commune” band, shortly before it dissolved. It’s a goodie, definitely. Timeless, if you ask me.

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Paul Eluard/ La Vie Immédiate

Paul Eluard/ La Vie immédiate
Belle et Ressemblante
Un visage à la fin du jour

Un berceau dans les feuilles mortes du jour

Un bouquet de pluie nue

Tout soleil caché

Toute source des sources au fond de l’eau

Tout miroir des miroirs brisé

Un visage dans les balances du silence

Un caillou parmi d’autres cailloux

Pour les frondes des dernières lueurs du jour

Un visage semblable à tous les visages oubliés.
(Gallimard, 1978)
This is the first poem ( only preceded by four untitled lines) in Eluard’s famous ‘La Vie Immédiate’ (‘Immediate Life”). Definitely another great poem by Paul Eluard, who was one of the founding fathers of the French Surrealist movement. Overall, his poems have this emotional touch often lacking in a lot of other Surrealist poetry by Breton, Tzara, Péret, a.o. IMHO.

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Is this where you live? #13

Is this where you live #13
Actually, this is not where you live. Could be close by. 

You’ve got this friendly neighbour collecting outdated, unwanted stuff, consumer products that were like heaven, got messed up all too soon. 

Agricultural worker (formerly peasant) unable/unwilling to pay for recycling. 

Visual artist piling up stuff for future projects.

You are there too, lined up for melancholy, browsing photo albums, dated movies. Vinyl. Radio buttons. B&W. Acoustic Research. Stockhausen. Renaissance. The Beatles. The Stones. Well at least THEY are still around 🎸.

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Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception
So, this chapel is dedicated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. It is located under wide open skies, in a rural landscape, speckled with ploughed fields and pastures, sprinkled here and there, at random with farms and private houses that occasionally look like castles of medieval nobles&knights. 

Actually, that’s what they were, ages ago. 

But no, that’s what they were only 100 years ago. No, no, only 10 years ago. 

To tell you the truth: nothing whatsoever has changed…

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Sunshine on Labour Day

Sunshine on Labour Day

Sunshine on Labour Day offers me a little girl taming 2 fierce dogs, an undeniably beautiful woman checking a dumbphone and a table I might buy in a secondhand shop before the world ends. Should I even want more ? Did I hear you whispering such things as ‘a bottle of genuine Belgian beer’ ? Is it just me ?
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