Is this where you live? #14

Is this where you live #14
A remarkable setup in front of a house in the village Stave, in the Walloon region, in the heart of Belgium. A mind bending view of the backyard is all we could wish for at day’s end. Ir was a lovely day. 

Meanwhile (that’s the way it goes) we started listening to Amon Düül’s ‘Paradieswärts Düül’ album (1970) one more time. German psychedelic rock band Amon Düül split up in the late sixties. Amon Düül II made it big and quite rightly so: their homemade mix of psychedelia on 3-4 early albums has not been matched up to this day. But this particular LP was issued by Amon Düül I, the original “commune” band, shortly before it dissolved. It’s a goodie, definitely. Timeless, if you ask me.

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