Flamin’ Groovies

Flamin’ Groovies

Yesterday I was at a concert by seventies prepunk band Flamin’Groovies. They played a tough, unrelented, no nonse set adorned by several rock ‘n roll classics and embellished with goodies like Gene Clark’s ‘Feel a whole lot better’. Back then, they were not the greatest band ever and this show probably was some kind of reunion thing for old time’s sake and today’s hard cash. But I liked it, there was so much energy, they were this archetypal guitar band, playing really loud, uncompromising rock music.
I don’t know the song title. It was their final song before the encore.

The show was is a small village called Leffinge, close to the Belgian coast. In September the annual 3-day “Leffingeleuren” rock festival takes place here. It brings together established acts and promising new singer-songwriters & bands -mostly folk/rock- and they’re from all over the world.

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