The best of all worlds

The best of all worlds

The best of all worlds is a world in which everybody lives in eternity.

There will be no progress and there will be no decline. It will feel alright though.

Age will be frozen in time, so to speak, but not for old or sick people. They will be sent back in time to a date prior to their illness or old age. By us.

The status of adults will be maintained. And if they were unhappy in the past, they will live a better life now, as if by miracle.

There will be no newborns because we don’t need any. Any newborns. We forgot all about maternity.

Young boys and girls will not be aspiring to become adults. The thrill has gone. They will feel OK as they are.

Beautiful people will still be beautiful people. Ugly people will become less ugly and will like and be liked by beautiful people.

There will be no bad guys and there will be no bitches. Definitely.

Nothing is going to change in the solar system. Not ever. We feel happy about this in particular.😀

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