Hortus conclusus


Hortus conclusus
In one of the photos, you can see the outline of the famous botanical garden by Carolus Clusius, which was (and still is) located at Leiden University in the Netherlands. This 1610 sketching represents the walled garden in its original state.

It was primarily meant to be an object of reference to the benifit of the medical students, who could study a collection of medicinal plants there.

At the same time, it was a meeting of science and art, as it was an early and really ambitious example of formal garden architecture.

The 3rd photo shows recent images of the reconstructed garden.

The concept of the walled garden was popular with the nobles and the clergy at that time. These gardens were built around cloisters and castles and had stone walls in order to protect the plantations from ravaging animals, wild seeds and…stealing mobs.

Today, for the rich, it is more convenient to cultivate a “wild garden”; formal gardening is left to the poor (allotments!) and the middle classes (boxwood garden!). ☺️🤔
“The Authentic Garden” edited by L.Tjon Sie Fat and E. de Jong

Clusius Foundation, 1991

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