The photo was made somewhere in the thirties-forties of the 20th century. My family was running a nursery of fruit, vegetables&flowers, in the old fashioned way. Small scale for sure, but at that time agriculture was rapidly moving towards big business. Mineral fertilizers were introduced, pesticides were placed in the cupboard, fungicides were glaring at you from the counter in each and every supermarket. 

I can recall one day in the early sixties where we had to stay outside for a few hours because my father was spraying a deadly insecticide inside our house to kill the flies that were inside…on that particular day. 

The values of nature as such became almost non existent.

The world became a crowded place. In the West, we lived longer, had more money to spend, could buy more food. There was more. Lots of it. Food was thrown around in every corner. 

Chemical agriculture was a shortcut to keep these things going. 

This old world was for sale. Auctioned.

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