Bronco/ Ace of Sunlight

Bronco/ Ace of Sunlight

Jess Roden ( formerly of the Alan Bown Set during the late sixties) rose to moderate fame for a short while in the mid seventies as The Jess Roden Band, after his Butts Band adventure with 2 remaining Doors. He was last seen, at the turn of the century, in a band called Jess Roden and the Humans.
Few people realize that he also sang and played in a hippy country/folk/rock band in the early seventies, in the UK. This band was called Bronco. They made 3 albums, but Jess Roden left the band after the second one, the fine “Ace of Sunlight” LP, which IMHO is a true folkrock classic. 

The first album, titled “Country Home”, sounds somewhat rough and premature – although I like it a lot too- while the third one is inconsistent, it is clear that the band was losing ground and going nowhere by that time.

Just recently, in February, a friendly guy uploaded some Ace of Sunlight tracks to YouTube. I really thank him for doing that, because these songs were rapidly sinking into oblivion. 

There has been a excellent cd reissue of the 2 Island Lp’s and it is still being sold by Amazon. Probably the songs will show up in Spotify or Apple Music too but I’ve got no subscription, so I can’t check.

I still own the 2 vinyl Island albums, even the 3rd album on Polydor, called “Smokin’Mixture”. (See photo)

I saw this comment in Wiki:
During the winter of 2009, deep archive research began into a full-scale Anthology – designed to encompass Roden’s entire musical career. During this process, well over 800 pieces of music were logged (and in the vast majority of instances, digitised for the first time) from which a career defining Anthology has been compiled. The set Hidden Masters: The Jess Roden Anthology – which includes over 50% of previously unheard material – was issued as a limited edition, 1st pressing of 950 copies, 6-CD set by Hidden Masters in 2013.
Anyway, here’s one haunting track from the beautiful Ace of Sunlight LP. It’s called Sudden Street.
Some tracks in YouTube are incomplete. Pity.

Review of “Country Home”:

Bronco “Country Home”

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