Cesare Pavese/ The beautiful Summer

Cesare Pavese/ The beautiful Summer
Currently, I’m reading stories by the great Italian novelist Cesare Pavese. The book is called “The beautiful Summer”, which is one of three stories, the others being “The devil on the hills” and “Friends”. These stories were published only a few weeks before he commited suicide in 1950.

The book is introduced by Paolo Giordano, another Italian writer I really like.
In “The devil on the hills” some of the protagonists declare:
“It is wrong to own land and not live on it”


“To live on the land that is your land is acceptible only if it’s you who works the land. The rest is slavery.”


“To love the land one must work on it and sweat over it.”
I believe these statements are worth thinking about for awhile, even if, initially, you might discard them right away, feeling it makes absolutely no sense at all…

Photo: front cover of my Dutch copy.

(De Bezige Bij, 2015, translated into Dutch by Martine Vosmaer and Anton Haakman)
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