The war against the Rull

A.E. van Vogt

The War against the Rull

As the spaceship vanished into the steamy mists of Eristan II, Trevor Jamieson drew his gun. He felt dizzy, sickened by the way he ha been tossed and buffeted for long moments in the furious wind stream of the great ship. But awareness of danger held him tense there in the harness that was attached by cables to the anti-gravity plate above him. With narrowed eyes, he stared up at the ezwal which was peering down at him over the edge of the still swaying skycraft.
It three-in-line eyes, as grey as dully polished steel, gazed gazed at him unwinking; its massive blue head poised alertly and – Jamieson knew – ready to jerk back the instant it read in his thoughts an intention of shooting.

(Panther Granada, 1978, first published by Simon & Schuster, 1959)

Man has conquered space and spread throughout the galaxy. Many civilizations on several thousand planets joined in a vast confederation whose very existence is now threatened by the Rull – a paranoid, murderous race from beyond the frontiers of human territory…

van Vogt is one of the acknowledged masters of science fiction in the grand mannet. In this gripping, fast-paced story packed with mind-stretching excitement, he gives his unmatched imagination full rein. (on back cover)